Loosi The Black-Footed Ferret Gift Set National Park Foundation Edition


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Join us in supporting the black-footed ferrets as they strive for a comeback! Black-footed ferrets were forced out of their habitat by farming settlers, which has made their numbers dwindle considerably. We want to help educate the younger generation on these fascinating creatures, as we believe education is the key to preservation. 

Purchase this product and 5% of the retail will be donated to the National Park Foundation. 

This lovable three-piece gift set provides education, introduces empathy, and makes family mealtime even more fun! Your child will receive a fun, fact-based book about Loosi, the black-footed ferret, who will steal your heart and spark curiosity in your child. Encourage your little one to cuddle up as you read to them, or they read the book themselves to encourage empathy and emotional connections – or feed them using the interactive, double-sided placemat which is packed with fun facts about Loosi and the animals that live with her in the park.  

The gift set is packaged in a gift-ready, interactive box �C perfect for birthdays, baby showers, holidays, and more! 

Support Endangered Animals �C Black-Footed Ferret

Loosi, the Black-Footed Ferret Plush Toy 

  • Cuddly 9” ferret plush toy 
  • Embroidered features eliminate any choking hazard 
  • Teaches empathy and emotional connections 

Loosi, the Black-Footed Ferret Book 

  • Fun, fact-based board book 
  • Helps to develop motor skills and vocabulary 
  • Bright illustrations 
  • Perfectly sized for young fingers 
  • Raises awareness of the black-footed ferret 
  • Made of FSC?-certified material and printed with soy ink. 


  • Double-sided printed placemat 
  • Discover fun facts about Loosi and meet other animals from her park
  • Fits in the tray of the Joovy Spoon, Spoon b, or use it at the table or counter 
  • Simple to wipe clean. Do not submerge in water.
  • Symbolizes the importance of family mealtime 

Gift Box 

  • Gift-ready packaging 
  • Interactive depiction of Loosi’s home �C Badlands National Park in South Dakota!

We are excited to announce our National Park Collection. These products come with fun and educational toys featuring endangered animals. It’s never too early to start teaching kids to love nature and animals.

Wind Cave National Park (SD)

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This Collection provides many benefits



Family Mealtime

Meet Loosi, the Black-Footed Ferret

Loosi is an endangered species. Learn more about her and her habitat and download a free coloring sheet of Loosi and the rest of our National Park species here. 

Double-Sided Placemat

Our interactive double-sided placemat is perfect for mealtimes and fits easily inside the Joovy Spoon and Joovy Spoon b walker. On one side your little one can learn lots of interesting facts about the cute black-footed critter, on the other side you’ll find a selection of other animals that live with Loosi in the park she calls home. 

Loosi’s Children’s Book

Our beautifully illustrated, fact-based book tells the story of Loosi and the park where she lives while raising awareness of environmental and endangered animal issues. Perfectly sized for little fingers and printed using soy ink and environmentally-friendly FSC?-certified materials to protect our wildlife. 

This book is made of FSC?-certified material and printed in soy ink.

The children’s book and packaging for this product are FSC?-certified.

Plush Toy

Loosi is a fun, fluffy friend and a great way to teach empathy and emotional connections. Your child can cuddle up with Loosi while listening to or reading his story or settle in for a nice nap. The 9” cuddly plush toy is soft and safe for all ages. Its embroidered features eliminate any choking hazards.

Interactive Gift Box

Interactive depiction of Loosi’s home �C

Badlands National Park in South Dakota


  • Plush Toy Size: 9”
  • Plush Material: 3D cotton & the outer layer is 100% polyester
  • Book Dimensions: 7” x 7” Closed



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