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Join us in supporting the southern sea otters! Southern sea otters have been hunted to near extinction, but these cute, cuddly animals are fighting to make a comeback. Help us to help them! We believe that education is the key to preservation, so we’re working alongside the National Park Foundation to spread the word about them and the national parks where they live. For every Nook National Park Foundation Edition product we sell, we’re donating 5% of the retail value to the NPF. 

The Joovy Nook NB has an award-winning design that features smooth front wheels and a one-handed fold and swing-open tray to make the job of feeding effortless. This popular high chair comes with a dishwasher-safe tray insert and soft leatherette seat cover for easy cleaning, and a reclining seat that adjusts in three positions. How about reading the story of Sol, the southern sea otter to your little one while they rest easily?  

Included with our Nook highchair is a lovable three-piece gift set that provides education, introduces empathy, and makes family mealtime even more fun! It includes a fun, fact-based board book about Sol, the Southern Sea Otter, that will steal your heart and foster curiosity about the animal and the park where he lives. Your child will also receive a cute, cuddly Sol plush toy to snuggle while listening to or reading his story. Sol’s so much more than a fluffy friend – he’s also a great way to teach your child emotional skills and empathy. Plus, the interactive, double-sided placemat features fun facts and counting exercises with Sol.


Support Endangered Animals �C Southern Sea Otter

Nook NB High Chair

  • Three-position reclining seat
  • Four-stage adjustable tray
  • One-handed swing-open tray
  • Front wheels 
  • Removable, dishwasher-safe tray insert
  • Easy to clean leatherette seat
  • Folds down flat for storage

Sol, the Southern Sea Otter, Plush Toy

  • Cuddly 9” plush toy 
  • Embroidered features eliminate any choking hazard
  • Teaches empathy and emotional connections

Sol, the Southern Sea Otter Book

  • Fun, fact-based board book
  • Helps to develop motor skills and vocabulary
  • Bright illustrations 
  • Perfectly sized for little fingers
  • Raises awareness of the southern sea otter
  • Made of FSC?-certified material and printed with soy ink.


  • Double-sided printed placemat
  • Fun facts and counting exercises with Sol
  • Fits in the tray of the Joovy Nook and Nook NB or can be used at the table or counter
  • Easy to wipe clean without submerging in water
  • Symbolizes the importance of family mealtime

We are excited to announce our National Park Collection. These products come with fun and educational toys featuring endangered animals. It’s never too early to start teaching kids to love nature and animals.

Channel Islands National Park (CA)

Meet Sol, the Southern Sea Otter

Learn more

One-Handed Feeding

We’ve designed the Nook highchair to eliminate the need for two-handed feeding. Our Nook high chair has an easy-to-fold design and single-handed tray opening to make lone-person feeding time a joy. 


The Nook NB is now newborn ready with a
three-position one-handed adjustable reclining seat

Three Position Recline Seat

The luxury reclining seat allows your little one to be right with you in the
kitchen.  Giving parents two hands to get things done.  Perfect if they fall asleep with their cuddly friend under their arm after Sol’s story.

One-Handed Tray Opening

The Nook NB features a swing-open tray
Our Joovy Nook highchair has a swing tray that can be operated with just one hand. No need to line up rails to attach, just swing into place and resume serving. 

Dishwasher Friendly

Our dishwasher-friendly tray insert fits effortlessly into the machine without fuss. Say goodbye to scrubbing stubborn stains forever!

Easy Wiped Seat

Messy eaters? Pah! Instead of sticky vinyl, we’ve covered the seat with soft, supple leatherette. Why? Because it’s easy to clean, and durable too.

What’s In The Box?

Double-Sided Placemat

The interactive, double-sided placemat is a perfect activity for family mealtime. On one side, it features fun facts about southern sea otters. On the other side, you can practice counting all of the different foods Sol eats. It fits in any Joovy Nook or Nook NB tray, or use it at the table or counter.

Children’s Book

In this fun, fact-based board book, the southern sea otter will steal your heart and foster curiosity of the animal and the park where he lives. The pages have bright illustrations and are sized perfectly for little fingers. The story raises awareness of endangered animals and the importance of keeping a clean environment.

This book is made of FSC?-certified material and printed in soy ink.

Plush Toy

Sol is a fun, fluffy friend and a great way to teach empathy and emotional connections. Your child can cuddle up with Sol while listening to or reading his story or settle in for a nice nap.

The 9” cuddly plush toy sea otter is soft and safe for all ages. Its embroidered features eliminate any choking hazards.


  • Max. Child weight: 50 lbs
  • Min. Child age: 0 months+
  • Open Dimensions: 41.34” H x 23.62” W x 32.28” L
  • Folded Dimensions: 10.2” H x 23.6” W x 28.9” L
  • Tray width: 21”

The children’s book and packaging for this product are FSC?-certified.




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