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The adorably fun Pengoo Straw Cup has just arrived! Your child will love the whimsical charm of the Pengoo for water, milk, or juice. This spill-proof cup is simple to use and has an integrated cap that encloses the flip-out straw when not in use. With its soft, flexible “beak” and ergonomic “flippers”, the Pengoo is a great friend to bring along on any outing.

Available now in 8oz and 12oz sizes.

Pengoo is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Kid friendly and BPA, BPS, and Phthalate free.

6m+ Pengoo Straw



Meet your little one’s new best friend! Your child will love the Pengoo for all their favorite beverages. Fun and easy to use, the Pengoo has a flexible silicone straw and comfortable handles. The integrated cap encloses the straw when not in use. The spill-proof Pengoo is dishwasher-safe, easy to clean, and BPA, BPS, and phthalate free. Available in 8 and 12-ounce sizes.

Pengoo Straw Cup
Group Pengoo Shot

Soft, Flexible Silicone Straw

BPA, BPS and Phthalate Free

Ergonomic Handles


Easy to Clean

Integrated Cap


Fun, Innovative Design

There’s a new straw cup in town

#pengoo Available in 8oz & 12oz


Technical Specs

Product Dimensions: 5.25″ x 4″ x 8.25”

Product Weight: 4.8 ounces

Sizes available: 8 and 12-ounce

Helpful Charts

Instruction Manual

Warranties and Accolades

2 Year Warranty

12oz, 8oz


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